In Bihar, a big scam has come to light in the purchase of equipment of laboratories in schools in the Education Department. In this case, related to the year 20017-18, there has been a lot of negligence in the education department, from the officer to the government. For the bright future of the students and better system of education, 6 thousand schools were allocated Rs. 1 billion 20 crores, but even after two years, the schools have not given the Utility Certificates related to the purchase. Surprisingly, when News18 spoke to the DO of several districts, he cited asking for utility certificates as soon as possible. Whereas in March 2018, the utility certificate was to be taken. Not only this, but the government is also unaware of this whole matter.

More than 1 billion 20 crore rupees came for the good of the students, but the documents received by the team of News18 opened the raw letter of the sin of all these government employees. The case is related to the purchase of lab equipment, school table, benches, and other items in 6 thousand secondary and higher secondary schools of Bihar in 2017-18.

This is only the figure of 10 districts where more money was allocated, but the scam is in almost all the districts. In all, Rs 1 billion 20 crores were allocated for 2400 schools in 38 districts. On the smell of scam, the head of many headmasters in Buxar district is seen getting stuck. The DDC has withheld disciplinary action against many headmasters, withholding their salaries, but in the remaining districts, the officers are still unaffected.


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