Ranchi University’s examination department’s mess did not take the name of the halt. Another feat has come out of the department. It was going to sell about 16 tonne copies of 2016 without tender. It was not reported to VC Dr Ramesh Kumar Pandey and Registrar Dr. Amar Kumar Chaudhary too. But the VC’s secretary Naveen Chanchal escaped the sale of the Kapas with readiness.

The incident is about 9 a.m. on Sunday night, after seeing the truck at the university headquarters, VC’s secretary, Naveen Chanchal started questioning the guard. He left for a walk there at that time. The guards told them that the copies were loaded in the truck. After this Naveen Chanchal started questioning the driver of the truck, the driver told that he had no information in this regard. He gave the mobile number of the contract employee Santosh Mandal of the Examination Department. Santosh Mandal told him on the phone that he did so by the order of the Controller of Examination Dr Ashish Kumar Jha. To get this information, when the test controller was called, his number was switched off. Then he informed the Registrar Dr. Amar Kumar Chaudhary about this. The registrar expressed its ignorance that no such tender has happened. The VC also gave information about the case After this, the registrar’s order escaped selling the answer books.

Rule of keeping the answer books for two years

Sales of old answer-books in the university pass through a process. Tender is removed for this. Tender for the sale of copies of 2014-15 before the NAC evaluation was taken out of the university. Its process was completed in 2017 only. This report has been submitted to the Finance Department. According to the information, no tender answer books were drawn after it. According to the rules, University holds answer books for two years. Because, in case of RTI, answer papers are required to be shown. There are approximately 1.53 lakh students in Ranchi University and 7-8 copies are evaluated every year. The copies that were loaded included 2016 PG, engineering and answer books of vocational courses.

50,000 offers to the secretary of the VC

VC’s secretary Naveen Chanchal claimed that when he started the inquiry by blocking the truck, he was offered 50,000 rupees on behalf of the scrap dealer. They immediately prevented the sale of copies by giving information to the Vice Chancellor and Registrar.

Answer papers were loaded without information and in tender trucks. But, the information was immediately stopped immediately after getting it. How such a mistake happened, it is being investigated. There are some less experienced staff in the department, maybe there is such a mistake in Nadani. Nonetheless, the flood case will be investigated.

Dr. Ramesh Kumar Pandey, Vice Chancellor Ranchi University-

Due to lack of space for new answer books, it was said to remove copies of 2013-15. Forgot to understand the staff This was not done deliberately or by maliciously.

Dr. Ashish Kumar Jha, Controller of Examinations


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