Free Computer Basic Training Program was organized by the BCA Department at Nitishwar College. 30 students of Harihar Narayan Middle School participated in the program. The inauguration was done by Dr. Manoj Kumar and Principal of Harihar Narayan Mavi.

Principal Dr. Manoj Kumar said that computer education is useful and compulsory at the present time. Keeping this in mind, free computer training program has been organized by the BCA Department. Such campaigns will be run in later days.

Principal said that such event will allow all children to get education of computer. Dr. Ravi Ranjan, Co-ordinator of BCA Department said that the program will run till May 2. Its main objective is to give basic computer education to children in free.

On the occasion Dr. Avdesh Prasad Singh, Dr. Vidhu Shekhar Singh, Dr. Ranjana Sinha, Dr. Kumari Saroj, Dr. Nibha Sharma, Dr. Neetu Singh, Dr. Soumya Sarkar, Dr. Abhay Nanda Shrivastav, Dr. Rakhi Tiwari, Dr. Amarjit Singh, Dr. Ranvir Kumar, Praveen Kumar, Sachin Sharma, Umesh Kumar, Rahul Kumar, Jayant Kumar, Ranjan Kumar etc. were present.


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