A 5-day Leadership & Excellence Program was conducted at Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad from 7th September 2020 to 11th September, coordinated by Prof. Melepurath Deepa, Dean (Faculty), IIT Hyderabad, Mr. Sandeep Vaswani, Ex-State Coordinator – Art of Living Program, Delhi and Mr. Vamsi Kosuri, Art of living Faculty. This program is conducted by Art of Living in collaboration with AICTE (All India Council of Technical Education) at IIT Hyderabad. It is an insightful workshop for educationists across India so that they can perform under high complexity and drive with greater collaboration and innovation. Eminent educationists from the regulatory bodies and institutions participated in the program. Prof. B. S. Murty, Director IIT Hyderabad has praised the initiative and highlighted its importance in bringing positivity amongst the educationists. 

Speaking about the benefits of ATAL FDP Program, Prof. Melepurath Deepa, Dean (Faculty), IIT Hyderabad said, “The Faculty Development Program on Leadership and Excellence sponsored by ATAL and organized by IITH in collaboration with the Art of Living Foundation has been a truly transformative experience for the faculty members from different institutes across the country. The sessions were conducted brilliantly by the AOL faculty and the participants benefited immensely for they went through very effective yet simple practices which can help them deal with anxiety and stress issues that are common in our daily lives. Overall, the sustained practice of the methods taught through the highly interactive sessions is expected to enable the participants to lead balanced stress-free lives with a positive outlook.”

Stating the various aspects of the sessions, Mr. Sandeep Vaswani, Ex-State Coordinator – Art of Living Program, Delhi Said, “The workshop is designed in a way in an extremely scientific manner. Leadership starts with the Self. Hence it decodes various aspects of the Self layer by layer. It is not direct, rather it inspires Participants through stories of transformation. Stories which they can relate to in everyday life.” 

Vocalizing the key traits of the workshop, Mr. Vamsi Kosuri, Art of living Faculty said, “This workshop has provided faculty with the multiple tools that will help them succeed in their present day roles. The techniques have prepared them to be a better team player even while dealing with difficult people and situations.” 

The benefits of this program comprise well-being, leadership agility, performance, change management, team building and effective decision making. The first day targeted methodologies such as Energy & Creativity and Responsibility & power of the mind. Methodologies like Alertness & Awareness, Connectedness, Trust, and Communication & Conflict Resolution will be followed on Day 2 while methodologies such as Health & Food, Empowerment & Sustainability, Impact & Inspiration and Valedictory will be taken on the final day. The training for these skills are provided through various presentations and group activities spread over 5 Days and 14 such sessions.

Sharing their delightful experience about the session participants said:

“It was extremely thought provoking session.  Infact it has helped to think me in a different way. It clarifies my pre-learned concepts on some topics. Now not only the concepts are clear but also their application is also in hand. Thank u the entire team.” – Ms. Mousumi Ghosh, Assistant Professor, Global Institute of Sc. & Technology

“Taking this opportunity to thank the organizers – IIT HYD, AICTE and Art of Living, for this wonderful program, it was extremely invigorating and a complete sense of peace and techniques to overcome stress. Thank you one and all. I look forward to sharing these experiences with my students and others too.” – Mrs. Madhavi Garikaparthi, Assistant Professor, IBS Hyderabad


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