Further accreditation of 58 affiliated colleges running under BRA Bihar University is under threat. The government has given the university up to January 15 for the recognition of further sessions. However, the university administration is still examining the inspection reports of the respective colleges. It is certain that if there is no relief from the government, then enrollment of students in these colleges in 2020 will not be possible. This will reduce about 15 thousand seats in the 3-year graduation degree course. 48 colleges are old. There has also been a proposal for connection of other new colleges.

In fact, in previous years, 48 colleges had taken enrollment of students without recognition from the government. The government has become strict about this. The order to send all the colleges with the proposal of affiliation to the government only after getting the inspection done by the university committee and passed by all the bodies.

In the light of this, the university has inspected all the colleges and has made an inquiry report. But, the letter from the Department of Education has raised the concern of colleges as well as university administration. The Director of the department Rekha Kumari has written to the Registrar, asking him to send the proposal by January 15 after completing the connection procedures at the university level. However, this does not appear to be possible.

The University is currently investigating inspection reports of proposed colleges for affiliation. For this, a committee of College Inspector Dr. Pramod Kumar, Dean of Commerce Dr. Ale Mujtaba and CCDC Dr. Amita Sharma has been formed. The committee is investigating whether the colleges have been examined as per the prescribed criteria.

The government is strict about affiliation this time because in previous sessions 48 colleges of BRA Bihar University had taken admission without accreditation. In case of registration and examination of thousands of students of these colleges got stuck, Raj Bhavan, after taking a tough stand, ordered these students to take the exam by tagging them from affiliated and affiliated colleges in the interest of the student. Also, concerned colleges prohibited further enrollment.

No matter how soon the university does. All procedures will take at least 15 days to complete. University officials are checking a tax inspection report day and night after the government letter.


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