It’s indeed a misery in front of the existing human race where all of the essential activities for human development have suddenly succumbed to zero. No positive growth has been reported in essential services including education since the global outbreak of COVID-19. Almost all sectors of economy are on a standstill now. 

In India, the education is one amongst the worst hit areas. Schools, colleges and all institutes of eminence are closed now with growing uncertainty in tackling the crisis. Meanwhile some institutes have approached positively towards online learning but that all in a very scattered manner with no defined objectives. Reliability of the online content and a secure network is a bigger concern now a days. Amid these concerns, students on a very large number are confused and are hoping for something very effective to strike upon. At this critical juncture, the institutes of eminence in India should come forward with some reliable and more integrated source. They can partner with global institutions like EDX or can add them on their platform to abridge the gap. It’s indeed a very suitable time to initiate with the purpose as it will effectively serve the need of the hour. 

EDX in collaboration is the brainchild of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University, Massachusetts (USA). It is a non-profit organization which runs on the free open edX open- source platform and was launched in the year 2012 to offer excellence in online learning. It is a massive online platform delivering a range of technical and non-technical courses worldwide under its MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) initiative. It hosts online university level courses in a wide range of disciplines including some courses with no charge at all. It also facilitates research-based activities in science and humanities. More than 140 schools, non-profit organizations and corporations are registered under EDX which are providing a set of different courses to meet distinct expertise. Till now about 20 million students have enrolled for about 2500 courses under EDX-MOOC initiative. It provides globally reliable content with a secure network to access, which adds to its uniqueness. 

India has a huge chunk of young population with an above average enrolment ratio. Under its New Education Policy, 2019 India should come forward with effective means of representation. Education need to be represented on a global scale by signing MOUs (Memorandum of Understandings) and partnering with institutions like EDX which can cater the need in spite of challenges. 


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