Amidst Rising COVID Cases, DU To Postpone Practical Exams For Infected Students

Amidst Rising COVID Cases, DU To Postpone Practical Exams For Infected Students

After a brief lull, COVID cases are once again on a steady rise across the country, with Delhi recording more than 1000 cases daily in the past week. Amidst the spike in cases, Delhi University has advised its colleges to postpone practical exams for students infected by the virus.   

After the onset of the pandemic, Delhi University, much like its peers resorted to an online mode of education, with semester exams being conducted in open-book mode. The first offline exams after two years are scheduled to begin on May 11th.  

The practical exams were supposed to be held in the days leading up to the end semester exams, but due to existing conditions, Prof. D. S. Rawat, Dean of Examinations, DU has advised college authorities to offer relaxations to not further aggravate the situation.  

“If practical examinations are getting affected or some students miss them due to sickness, colleges should reschedule the exam for a later date for such students, it can even be after theory examination. Please try to help students during the most difficult time,” he wrote in communication to colleges.  

Usually, practical examinations are concluded before the theory examinations, but the university has allowed provisions for it to be after theory examinations if the need arises.  

The decision to move forward with online exams has sparked conflict between the university and the students, with some taking to Twitter and requesting intervention by the Education Minister.   

Students have argued that since a majority of their lesson plan has been completed online, they are not well-equipped to appear for offline examinations. However, DU is yet to oblige to these requests and remains firm on the decision to hold exams offline.