It is the first-ever visit of Melania Trump (1st Lady of United States) to a Delhi based government school that has electrified the atmosphere at Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Nanak- Pura, New-Delhi. With the onset of her two-day visit to India, she was very keen to experience the warmth of happiness curriculum so introduced in the government schools of Delhi. 

The pomp and grandeur among students were not less than a festival. They were wrapped beautifully with all sorts of cultural attire unleashing the eternal ethos of the Indian Sub-continent. They welcomed the first lady of the United States by ornamenting her with a sacred tilak. They also showered flower-petals on her embarking the culture of “Athithi Devo Bhav”. The event started with a positive ceremonial address by the school administration revealing the very idea of ‘Happiness Classes’. In their address to Lady Trump they unwrapped some major takeaways of happiness curriculum like a steep decline in the stress level among students with a percentage growth in overall academic performance. “At this tender age, the students are becoming more responsible now. They are taking their work seriously and are giving back to society in the form of devotion, love, empathy, and gratitude. At this very early age they are teaching the lesson of oneness and friendship to the local diaspora. This comes under moral sensibility and emotional intelligence which the ‘happiness curriculum’ is all about” said a key-note speaker while addressing the 1st Lady. 

Mrs. Trump then visited the classrooms and interacted with students to get a more familiar touch of their daily activities associated with shaping the happiness classes. Some randomly picked students have showcased their skills to impress the 1st lady. Some recited poems while others outperformed distinct activities like singing, story-telling, puzzle-solving, and meditation. The enthusiasm of Lady Trump was noticeable when she encountered the live Yoga-Class under the happiness curriculum at an open premise within the school campus. The students of middle-classes (usually 5th to 8th standard) has performed some Yoga-asanas like Surya-Namashkar, Anulom-Vilom, Kapal-Bharati, Tadasana, Halsana and many more. Later a facilitator to 1st Lady has also addressed her about the importance of Yoga in Indian Culture. She was briefed about the relevance of Yoga in the day-to-day life of students and professionals which cures them of mental stress and revives their physical productivity. 

Later, she had an interactive session with the school administration including staff-faculties. She gave a thumbs up impression remarking the success of curriculum in shaping a better India. She was amazed by the performance of children and have acknowledged their floral welcome with utmost gratitude. Her positive appraisal of such a model of education has established an initial benchmark for the current Indian Education System. 

Writer’s Remarks: 

The latest visit of 1st Lady of the United States to a government school to experience ‘The Happiness Model’ is in itself a great achievement in the field of ‘Quality Education for All’. Her desire to experience the ‘Happiness Curriculum’ live was as strong as seeing ‘The Taj’ (One of the greatest wonders of the World). This shows the importance of a healthy and quality-based education system. The achievements like this will unleash the true potential of Indian culture on a global stage. It should be celebrated with pride and pomp by keeping our eyes on the sky and feet on the ground. 

-Jitendra Pratap Singh 


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