Over the last 10 years, there have been random and overnight changes like the introduction of semester system, CBCS, FYUP without the consultation of the stakeholders i.e the students and the teachers.

This time we can see an increase in the protests of the teachers of not only DU but also students from JNU protesting against the fee hike,is the higher education in a severe crisis? These steps are being taken to implement the New Economic Policy and making education a tradable service.

A University of Delhi circular dated 28 August 2019 refuses to recognize “ad hoc” teaching and mandates that only appointment of guest teachers can be made against any future vacancies.In grave misinterpretation of the letter, on 29 November, the DU Principles Association has decided to hold all fresh ad hoc appointments in abeyance. This decision in a single stroke threatens to render over 4500 Adhoc faculty jobless across DU.

While certain colleges have refused to pay the November salary to Adhoc teachers, others have paid it partially while some others have issued notices putting their jobs on hold. On 4th December, paramilitary and police forces were deployed in DU, stationed with water cannons, about 5,000 members of DUTA gathered outside the VC’s office, CRPF in huge numbers was also deployed.

Teachers have boycotted the invigilation duties while students are having their exams, students in support have been urged to wear black ribbons and clothes as a symbol of protest.

I believe, that we all live in a democracy, we all have the right to protest and a successful democracy is when the rights and demands of the people are heard by the authority which is elected by the ultimate authority i.e the people.

Who gave the right to inflict violence upon them? When what they do is just demand their justified rights in a peaceful protest.

By Vartika Kohli


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