The convocation ceremony will be held on February 27 in B. R. Ambedkar Bihar University. The Raj Bhawan gave a green signal for the convocation. Accepting the letter sent to the Raj Bhavan for the convocation of the University, its date has been stamped. In this convocation going forward three years later, more than one hundred toppers will be given the gold medal. Its preparation started on behalf of the university.

Graduates of two session graduation and PG toppers have to be awarded Gold Medal. It will prepare a list of graduates and PG toppers of the year 2017 and 2018. However, the result of graduate part-three students of the year 2018 is yet to come. Examinations of these students will start now. On the part of Raj Bhawan, the order has been given to give the result of this examination till 10 February. There has not been a convocation in the University after the year 2014 and 15.

The convocation will be held in the LS College Ground. Pandal will be constructed for this. To prepare for the convocation, the four roads of the university and its surroundings have to be repaired. They have been inspected by the district administration. The governor and the guests will have different routes.

Toppers will appear in kurta and sarees. For topper Male students, dhoti or pajama kurta and FemaleĀ topper student will be saris and Kurtis. The dress will also be different for all the executives.


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