The examination of the copies of 1.5 lakh students of B.R.A. Bihar University graduate Part-One was almost complete. By the end of next month, the results of the part-one exam can also be released. Its preparation is going on fast. Dr. RK Mandal is monitoring the result. He said that the investigation of the copies is almost complete.

There were about five lakh copies of 1.2 lakhs students. There were two and a half million copies of Honors. The remaining subsidiaries and copies of MIL are. The tabulation work has to start. The process of appointing tabulators will also start. He said that the effort will be that the result will be released as soon as possible.

The discussion is continued to send the copies out for examine. It is being told that in order to complete the investigation, copies can be held only in the university. Graduate Part-One and Two examinations are from previous years. Due to the delay in the academic session this year it was not passed last year, so this year.

The university wants to release the results of these two examinations as soon as possible. The result of this year’s graduation exam is to be released by this year. Here, the examination has been strongly condemned by the Raj Bhavan.



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