In the wake of increasing Covid-19 cases, the Banaras Hindu University has decided to conduct assignment-based examinations for final-year students. The Executive Council has approved the proposal to make the session examination assignment based for students of the intermediate and final semesters of the 2019-20 academic session.

In this process, the students will be given assignments by the concerned teachers with a time frame of fifteen days for their completion. The assignment set will be sent to students over email and they can submit their work in the same format.

After evaluation, the marks will be uploaded by the teacher concerned on the portal, latest by August 31, 2020. To bring uniformity in standards of assignments across different courses run by a Faculty and within a course, a prior discussion at the Faculty/Department level will be done.

Where the exams, or “sessionals”, have been fully or partly completed before the university closed in the middle of March 2020, students will be allowed to choose assignment-based sessionals as well. In case they opt for assignment-based sessionals, marks obtained by them in the previously held sessionals will be compared with the marks obtained in the assignment-based sessionals and the better of the two will be considered. This is aimed at bringing uniformity.

The weightage assigned to sessionals and end semester examination for the students of terminal semesters has been fixed in the ratio of 30:70. Keeping in view the UGC guidelines, the distribution of the weightage of sessionals and end semester examination for students of intermediate semesters is now fixed as 50:50.

The criterion from promotion – a minimum of CGPA 4.0 – has been relaxed. Students of the intermediate semesters of academic session 2019-20 would be promoted to the higher semester during the academic session 2020-21. Additionally, for the students of intermediate semesters of academic session 2019-20, no end semester examination would be conducted.

In case the students are unsatisfied with the marks obtained following this procedure, they will be given a chance to improve their grades by appearing in the next available examinations of such courses in succeeding academic sessions.


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