The correct information about the favorite college and enrollment in it will now be available to students in time. The career portal was launched with the joint efforts of the Bihar Education Project Council and UNICEF. It was inaugurated on Friday by Bihar Education Minister Krishna Nandan Prasad Verma. On the occasion, Krishnanandan Verma said that this portal will be effective for the students and students of government school, who do not get the information in time.

With the launch of the portal, six students registered on it. These include Mohinias Kumar of class 12 of Shastri Nagar Balak Higher Secondary School, Rajkumar and Gyandeep Verma of class 10 and Sania Parveen of class 10 of Bankipur Balik Higher Secondary School, Muskan and Ankita Kumari of class 12. All of them logged in with their registration number and took career information. Director of Bihar Education Project Council, Sanjay Singh said that students have been given unique IDs to login.

Through this, students will be able to get information about college, course, eligibility for enrollment, entrance examination, fees etc. In this, information about 14 country colleges is given. Bihar chief of UNICEF Asadur Rahman said that it will benefit 40 lakh students and students. It also provides information about professional courses along with vocational. UNICEF education specialist Pramila Manoharan said that this portal will be for students from 9th to 12th. The program was conducted by the state program officer Ravi Shankar. On this occasion, all officers and personnel of Bihar Education Project Council were present along with State Program Officer Archana Verma.

“The Portal has been already customized and contextualized for the students of Bihar and supports four languages including Hindi.It will provide information on 460 professional careers, 955 Scholarships, 1050 entrance examinations and 6400 institutions of higher education to the students from class 9 to 12.” said Ayush Bansal, co-founded iDreamCareer.

This portal can be opened from It will include students and students registered with Bihar Board. This portal can be opened only by the registration number given by the board. For this, students and students will be given a unique ID and password.

Every year one thousand 50 competitive examinations, one thousand 50 competitive examinations are held every year. 960 types of national and international scholarships are for school students and girl students. Complete information about competitive exam is given. Whose application will be available? Information about fees and reservations etc. will be available along with their last date. Subject wise career options will also be fully known.

‘Students will be able to search in Hindi, 10 lakh 34 thousand Hindi words have been inserted,’ 960 types of national and international scholarship information has been given on the portal ‘Professional courses with vocational information are also given on the portal.


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