Everything was normal on Sunday in Engineering College. Peace is due to the students getting vacant from the hostels and the deployment of the police. But some college teachers are plotting to spoil the atmosphere. On Sunday, restored teacher Abhishek Kumar, on the contract, spread the rumor with WhatsApp message that the student who attempted suicide committed suicide, but the truth is that he is undergoing treatment in Patna’s IGIS.

Abhishek Kumar, a teacher of the Civil Engineering Department of the college, started sending viral messages through social media on Sunday morning. He wrote that I am very sad because of the death and politics of the campus student. I got broken. These teachers are restored to the college on contract basis under the MHRD NPEU. Some teachers along with this teacher are also involved in this. After this message, some of the students living outside the college became frustrated. But when his friends confirmed that the student’s death had not occurred, his anger got diminished.

The restored teachers on the contract are spreading rumors and trying the students in their favor. Their purpose is to spoil the college environment and make the students in their favor. The anger of the students about college administration and permanent teachers increased and their coins started running. It provides its mileage to sustain the job.
After three days of students in the engineering college, there is peace on Sunday. Magistrate and police have been deployed here in three municipalities.

Principal told the teacher, do not spread any kind of rumor

Abhishek Kumar, the restored teacher on contract, has made this message viral on social media to spread rumors. Teacher Abhishek Kumar also sent a message to the Principal of Engineering College, Dr. Nirmal Kumar saying that I was broken due to the death of the student. The principal told that he told the teacher that there is no complete information and do not spread rumors. On this, the teacher said that I am afraid of you. The principal told him that I am hurt by this incident, my conscience is not working. It’s wrong to spread your rumor. When Bhaskar talked to Abhishek Kumar about this, he refused to say anything. He said that I am driving right now. Other teachers are also sad after the campus incident.

After three days of engineering at the engineering college, the triple IT administration located in the campus can also be there. Students are also nervous. Considering their security, the college administration has decided to close the college on Monday. On Sunday, about 200 students and students of the institute stayed in the hostel. The college administration did not let him out. When the police jawan reached outside the hostel, the staff and teachers present there showed the letter saying that this institution is different from Bhagalpur College of Engineering. Dr. Sanjay Mandal, Deputy Registrar, Triple IT said that security of students is our first priority. Looking at the campus atmosphere stressful, we decided to keep the college closed on Monday. All the necessary items including food, water, snacks, medicine are being provided to student hostels in all the hostels. In the second year of triple I.Ts running in the lodge outside the campus, students were not allowed to come out of the day. For the students who eat mess, the college administration has arranged for meals in the hostels. Triple IT is closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

The condition of Horizon Kumar Shukla, student of the final year of engineering college remains still fragile. He is undergoing treatment in Patna’s IGIMS. On Sunday, Neuro-related doctors examined him. The family of the horizon has also reached Champaran from the hospital. The police are also keeping an eye on the situation of the horizon. After the case was registered by the principal, three students,  tried to commit suicide. Two students had reportedly cut the veal of the wrist while he tried suicide by hanging in the hostel. He was swinging through the trap. The classmates lowered him from the trap and admitted him to the Mayaganj hospital. From where he was referred to Patna for better treatment.

Ramesh Kumar took possession of the hostel-4 warden’s room on August 21. After this, the principal had submitted an application to the police on the 23rd to issue an FIR. In the evening, the police came to vacate the hostel. That night, students subdued the principal’s residence, in which the principal had lodged an FIR against other students including Kshitij Kumar. With the demand to withdraw the FIR, the students had locked the building next day on August 24 in the administrative building.


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