0% objective questions could not even be used by any charisma. None of the students in the inter-result of the Bihar Board could touch the 90 per cent line. While the board had done a lot of exercise, as the students in CBSE succeed in bringing more than 90 percent marks, the state board students will also perform. The pattern of questions changed for this. The teachers were asked to evaluate step weights, but the result was three levels of Dhaka. Even after raising the percentage of Grace marks, the student could not reach 90. This time the result was limited to 86.8 percent. The situation is that Neet’s All India Topper and Science Topper Kalpana Kumari got 86.8 percent marks. While Kalpana has got 99.9 percent points in the net. All students are below 86.8 percent. While the result of the neighboring state of Jharkhand was released on Thursday, the Science Topper of his board has scored 92% marks. Talk to CBSE, ICSE, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan State Board, if there are more than 90% of those who get more than 90% marks. Over one lakh 12 thousand students were enrolled in the examination from Bihar in CBSE. In this 32 thousand people got more than 90 percent marks. .

The results of inter and matriculation results of students of Bihar are continuously declining. The biggest reason for this is that children lack basic knowledge. Resulting the objective question 50% can not improve the result. – AKP Yadav, Former President, Bihar Board.

We have put a habit of rubbing babies. It is important to know about the subject to get 90 percent marks. Grace marks and 50 percent of the objective questions can be passed but it can come up to 90 percent. – Rajamani Prasad, Former Chairman, Bihar Board

Students in bringing more than 90% of board students.

CBSE 1,12,152 (from Bihar) 32 thousand

ICSE 2000 (from Bihar) 700

UP Board 25 lakhs approximately 14 thousand

MP board 14 million approximately 7 thousand

Rajasthan Board 9 lakh approximately three thousand

‘Apart from CBSE and ICSE, the results of backward Bihar Board from many State Boards

‘There was no difference between changing the pattern of questions and the step-by-step assessment of teachers.


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