“Everyone got the result but not me. I also had exams, but I still do not know about my result. Even if you put a roll number on the website, nothing happens.”

Shalini, who came from Madhepura, was standing outside the Inter Council and was crying. Shalini told me that I had come to know about Bihar board how to get my result. But there is no one to tell about here. Hundreds of students staged a ruckus and sloganeering about the disturbances of the inter-reluctance.

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At the same time, the Shalini, standing beside the wall outside the council, was constantly crying. The student of science has succeeded in Shalini Niet. If Shalini does not get a result then she’ll will not be able to attend the counselling.

The Board has made application for the unsuccessful candidates of Inter University and has declared the date of compartmental examination. Scrutiny students will be able to apply online from 9th to 16th June. For a subject, payment of Rs 70 will be made online. There will be only re-totaling of answer books in scrutini.

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At the same time, there will be two students failing in computational courses. The online application for this will be from June 11 to 15. The examination will take place from 4th to 7th July. Board chairman Anand Kishore said that the number of unsuccessful students is quite large, so the date of compartmental has been announced.

The council’s mengate fell due to the students’ shock.

Police on Thursday staged a stigma against the students of the angry students about the disturbances in the inter-reluctance.

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Sanu Kumar (Registration Number R-170150565-15) got a rank of five thousand in JEE Main. But Sanu got three in Physics, five in chemistry and six in Math. There are eight points in English. Sanu Kumar is worried that the result will not be nominated if the result is not improved.

Bhanu Kumar (Roll Number 18040001) got 10 thousand ranks in JEE Main. Bhanu has got zero marks in Inter-English and Non Hindi. Bhanu said that there will be enrollment in Government Engineering College in Punjab. But if the result is not received, I will not be able to enroll.

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Payal Kumari (Roll Number 18040054) has qualified well. Payal told that he got three points in biology. There is 15-15 points in physics and chemistry.


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