Even after the government’s lakh claims, the Patna’s big and well-known private school is not taking the name of being arbitrary. The latest case is related to the Bihsop Scot School, Patna, whose principal’s arbitrariness and profanity can be clearly seen. This video of arbitrariness and profanity with the guardian is becoming increasingly viral on social media where the principal first did Tu-Tu Main Me and then threatened the guardian protesting against forcibly asking for school fees and transportation charge. Snatched from guardian to mobile.

The only fault of the female guardian was that she had reached the school citing government order, pleading not to take transportation, library and annual charges. It is also reported that the guardian was even threatened that the child’s career school would be spoiled after the video went viral and the information was given to the media, after which the guardian is in an unhygienic condition and the female parent is shocked for two days.

In this case, tried to contact the school, but no one picked up the phone even after repeated calls to the people associated with the management. Seeing this video of Gundagardi, President of Parents Association Sanjeev Pathak has also questioned the attitude of the school and said that they will make a written complaint of action on the school to the Divisional Commissioner and the state government and if the action is not comprehensive Will agitate.

It is known that schools are closed all over the country due to Corona epidemic, but fees are being illegally collected by many schools. Even in the capital Patna, all the small and big private schools are locked during lockdown, but parents of children studying in many schools have to pay heavy fees every month and in the name of online class, the school is forcibly demanding fees from them. is.


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