BMC school sees a surge in admissions 10 days after ‘Mission Admission’ launch

BMC school sees a surge in admissions 10 days after ‘Mission Admission’ launch

The BrihanMumbai Municipal Corporation, like the other city’s schools, has begun the admissions process. This time, the BMC education department has launched a ‘Mission Admission’ initiative to increase student enrollment in a total of 1,150 Mumbai Public Schools (MPS) schools.

Various activities are being carried out by the BMC’s education department to provide free and high-quality education to students in pre-primary (kindergarten), primary, and secondary schools. The initiative’s basic premise is to re-enroll children who dropped out of the formal school system following the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as to increase enrollments. The BMC team is working toward admitting lakh of new students to the MPS, in addition to the existing student enrollment.

To increase the number of students in BMC’s Mumbai Public Schools, all teachers, principals, and officers have decided to carry out this admissions campaign, which began on April 18, 2022. The department’s admissions have increased by 20,000 after ten days of the initiative.

According to the education department’s guidelines, schools should set a goal of increasing student enrollment by 33 per cent over the previous year’s admissions by July 2022. Rajesh Kankal, the BMC Education Officer, stated, “We have received a significant number of admissions into our BMC schools so far. We have kept two methods for this admission: one is that we reach out to parents by going door to door and having meetings, and the other is that parents reach out to us through QR codes, links, and banners.”

“We would like to encourage more parents to enroll their children in schools, particularly BMC schools, because we have transformed our schools to a great extent, and we want children to be a part of this transformation,” he added.

Mrs. Rajni Awhad, the Headmistress of Mumbai Public School, R.P Marg, (Marathi), Santacruz, stated, “This time, we started the admissions process by inviting parents to our various activities. We have new activities every 15 days, and we try to involve parents as much as possible. Our teachers are going door to door to spread the word, and many parents are reaching out to us for admission after this.”