The incidence of student union elections has started in Bhupendra Narayan Mandal University. The University administration is considering the elections in the month of March for the student union. After 26 years of the University’s establishment, the student union is going to be elected for the second time. Prior to March 2018, the University Student Union election was held for the first time.

The deadline for the last election has been completed. Now for the new session, the student union elections are to be held in the university. The process of student union elections has been started in many universities of Bihar. The BN University administration will also start work to take steps to formulate its strategy on the elections.

Students’ problems help the elected representatives of the college and university with the help of their officials to solve their problem. According to the University rules, after two weeks of admission in graduate part one, the student union election process has to be started. Various student organizations have started preparing for the elections right away. Student organization has been involved in various colleges and discussing the student union elections.

In the university student union election, elections at the college and PG faculty level are to be held. At the college level, the council members will be elected president, vice president, general secretary, joint secretary, treasurer. While the council members are to be elected at the faculty level in the university. All council members will choose a  university student association.


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