E-learning platforms have played a crucial role in widening the horizons of education sector by offering a holistic solution to the learning issues faced by students. And with the advancement in technology, the industry is reaching new heights. 

According to a joint study by Google and KPMG, India’s online education sector is expected to grow at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 52%  by 2021. But what are the reasons behind the staggering growth of online education sphere?

Most of the E-learning apps like Byju’s and Toppscholars  are designed considering the limitations in conventional system of learning. The tech-driven education model has the potential to cater to the evolving needs of students. 

Additionally, the infrastructural development in our country has not been proportioned equally. While some parts of the country are blessed with world-class facilities, there are some areas that don’t even have the basic infrastructure. This has brought about differences in the education sector with respect to quality and accessibility. However. the divide has been curtailed by technology. The latter has been an added boon for all the industries and the education sector is also reaping its benefits from it. 

E-learning platforms are gaining wide acceptance in the rural neighbourhood where access to quality education is hard to come by. It is impossible to have great teachers in every area of the country and this is where the e-learning comes in. It evens the learning platform for all the students regardless of where they live. Students can now access to the best learning resources and learn at their own pace. Smart learning apps like Toppscholars, with their ‘teacher connect’ feature, even allow the learners to seek experts’ assistance on queries. 

Technology has shifted the paradigms of teaching and helped bring about a personalised form of learning. The growing popularity of e-learning apps is also due to less role of teachers and ‘learning’ being the main focus. 

The ground-breaking initiatives by online learning apps can hopefully elevate education to unparalleled heights. And in a geographically and demographically diverse country like India, equal proportioning of quality education in every area is the need of the hour.


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