Calcutta University to Take Final Call on Mode of Exams on June 3, Students Demand Online Exams

Calcutta University to Take Final Call on Mode of Exams on June 3, Students Demand Online Exams

The ongoing tussle between students and teachers of Calcutta University could soon come to an end as the University authorities are expected to take the final call on the exams after a meeting on June 3.

University had held a meeting with heads if 155 colleges under Calcutta University. Most of the Principals who attended the meeting were in the favour of taking exams in offline mode. University authorities also held a meeting with the undergraduate level Board of Studies and the postgraduate level Board of Studies. They too voted in favor of offline exams.

Students, however, have been demanding online exams claiming that colleges have only taught half of the syllabus. Students also claim that holding offline exams for online classes is unfair.

Some universities were also in the favour of online exams. Vidyasagar University, for instance, was inclined towards online exams, however, Rabindranath Bharati University wants offline exams. Several universities, including Jadavpur, have been adamant in their decision to take the exam offline. With mixed views the latest meeting remained inconclusive. The next meeting between university authorities is expected to be held on June 3. This is said to the third and final meeting on the matter after which a final call will be taken on the same.

While the college and university authorities were meeting inside the College Street campus, students from different colleges joined in the protest at the two gates of the university.

Shubhjit Samanta, a college student from South Kolkata, said that students are coming together mainly through WhatsApp group. He also claimed that since most of the universities have held online exams, to hold offline exams for CU students will give them unequal opportunities and could be disadvantageous for them while applying for higher educational institutes as offline exams are tougher, claimed the student.

A large section of students is also protesting in online mode. With hashtags like #wewantonlineexams, several students tagged State Chief minister Mamata Banerji and other education department officials demanding online exams instead of offline.