The students of Indian Institute of Engineering Science And Technology, Shibpur held a candle-light march on 30th November 2019, Saturday, condemning the rape and murder incidents across the country. 

Students of IIEST Shibpur protesting against rape.

After the gruesome incident of gangrape and murder in Hyderabad which shook the whole nation, eventually took the students out for protesting against the crime. However, things got heated up when an angry crowd gathered in front of the flag post in front of the Main Old Building inside the campus of IIEST Shibpur. The candlelight march was preceded by an intense discussion and provoking colloquy. The crowd seemed very disturbed.

The students emerged out with their own words and especially the girl students shared how they fear stepping out these days. Some of the most strong notions shared in the discussion were –
1. The difference the society had and continues to create in the upbringing of a daughter and a son. And the subsequent laying down of illogical rules and restrictions for a daughter.
2. The lack of proper education to the children which is leading to intense immorality. And such immorality at a greater dimension gives rise to heinous crimes such as rape and murder.
3. The lack of sense of respect for a human being which I personally feel shall be inculcated since childhood in an individual for one another.
4. The judgemental and negative impact of patriarchy system on the females. 
5. Further, her appearance never makes her obscene. Every woman shall wear whatever she likes to and feels comfortable in, something which shall not bother any men. It’s completely her choice and liking. 
6. This is something that needs to be discussed among friends, families. This is very necessary, since Indian people has made it a taboo it is very difficult to speak out about these matters. As an educated citizen, what we shall focus on healthy discussions and possibilities with preventive measures so as to make people understand what is morally acceptable.
7. Everyone shall remain aware and should come up to the front to protest against such wrongdoings. As a part of humanity, this is very important. We usually don’t care and neglect when others suffer. But when the trigger points at us, we conclude saying, “why it always happens with me?”. This selfish attitude is shameless and immodest which has compelled us to come out in the streets yell and mourn helplessly at such incidents. 

IIEST students protest against rape and violent

Hadn’t had we been careful about these, we wouldn’t have to live such days of immense grief, repent and shame. It is not in our hands to control the official penalty and discipline, but we can start it just from us. We can begin from our own family and peer group. There’s never a wrong time to start something good. India has suffered a lot. Let us not get involved further in the useless games of hatred and religion. Religion shall remain personal and must not affect the person next door. Before being a Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikh or Buddhist, we are humans. And the service to mankind is the service to god. Let’s us pledge to build an India where we abide by the rules laid down in the Indian Constitution, and more importantly try to maintain the essence of a true humanity.


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