CBSE Class 10 result 2019: The 15-year-old Shivika Dudani has topped the national capital Delhi in the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) class 10 exams. She has secured 498 marks out of 500 marks and is among 25 students to share the all India rank two in the country. Her mother is a doctor and Shivika too has a love for Biology. “This subject is my favorite and I want to take up medical in class 11 and 12. I want to become a doctor. I have yet to decide the specialization but I am ready to work hard towards my goal,” she told in Interview.

Shivika followed a strict routine which she said was the mantra to her success. “I followed a timetable. I used to wake up at 7 am daily and studied in the morning before leaving for school. During the board exam months, I followed a strict routine of 12-13 hours a day. I had set targets for each day which acts as incentives for me. I only used to get up during my meal breaks and take five minutes after completing every topic,” she said.

Giving advice to her peers she said, “It is not important how many hours you sit but how qualitative your studies are matters the most. One can sit for 10 hours straight but if they lack focus, they would not gain even a single topic in those hours. I made sure that I maintain my focus during studies.” She listened to peppy Bollywood music and talked to her friends over the phone whenever she lost focus.

Shivika has scored 99 in Hindi and Mathematics while in rest of her subjects — English, social science and science — she has secured a perfect 100.  “I am very happy with my marks. My exams went well so I was expecting above 95 per cent but I never thought of joining the top scorers league,” she said.

Dudani’s brother Shivang has also cleared the class 12 exam, results for which were declared Thursday. He secured 94 per cent marks in science stream — physics, chemistry and mathematics (PCM) and aspired to study at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). “Dinner table discussions”, said Shivika, “are about the national-level exams majorly considering both the siblings are appearing for the entrance exams as well as boards.”

Yet, she was not away from the board-anxiety. “This was my first board exams and there was pressure from teachers, peers et al. But since my exams went well, I was a little relaxed about my result. I would like to suggest everyone to not focus on results while preparing as it would save them from anxiety,” she said.


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