Jharkhand state’s government schools will be lightweight. For this, children’s syllabus will also be made easier. For this, the learning outcome will be started in all schools. The Department of School Education and Literacy is preparing it.

Teachers of government schools will also have the responsibility to separate the difficult words of the curriculum. During the study, they will prepare a separate list. It will be assigned to the department, after which the difficult words will be removed from next year’s session and the syllabus will be made easier.

Hard words will be removed in primary and middle schools syllabus. At the same time, he will be able to understand the teachers and explain them to the children, so that they can read and teach and understand them. .

The Learning Outcome will be started for children to remember the lessons of syllabus. This process will start after the summer vacation. Learning outcomes will be seen in children of any class, whether or not the information about the subject of that class is correctly or not. It will also be seen whether the knowledge of class children is consistent with that class’s education. Those children who are left behind after studying will be given special attention in schools and they will be seen for what reasons they are lagging behind. The shortcomings of the course will be overcome and it will be simplified.

Monthly bentaga course, evaluation of children: Learning outcome as well as full course of study will be divided monthly. Schools will be targeted that so many chapters are to be completed every month. .


On this basis children will also be evaluated. It will be seen that if the children who are lagging in related subjects and they are having problems in learning then children will be further educated by removing the shortcomings. .


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