On the second day of the annual festival ‘Jeevatva’, running in Chanakya National Law University (CNLU), there are many events. There was an open discussion on river Ganges, whose theme was, Ganga: river of life, river of death. In the discussion, Principal Secretary of Forest and Environment Department Tripurari Sharan, Chairman of Pollution Control Board Dr. Ashok Ghosh, Director of Father of the Nation Father Robert Athal and Agnivase Uday Rai of Climate Change Expect. The discussion is quite serious. Q & A programs were held in which students asked questions with experts. The focus of the discussion was on the spiritual and material significance of the Ganga.

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On the other hand, cricket and volleyball matches were held throughout the annual festival, in which teams of different institutions took part. In the volleyball, both men and women were in the match. There were many cultural events in the evening, which continued till late in the night.

The street play was also organized under the Jeevatva. BIT’s team was the winner in this. The CUSB team was in second place. In domestic drama, domestic violence, human trafficking etc. was shown. In Mono, IIT Patna’s Viswajit Nishad got the first position, whereas Vivek Garg of IIT Patna got second place. There is a small drama presenting in it.


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