Collaboration of Karnataka and UK university in higher education

Collaboration of Karnataka and UK university in higher education

Reported By: Priyanka Chakraborty

C.N. Ashwath Narayan, the Minister of Higher Education, Karnataka has proposed United Kingdom’s Edinburgh University to open its campus here.

Purpose was for collaborations in higher education, and besides that deliberating on the introduction of ‘Twinning Courses’. In reply, Edinburgh University officials responded positively to the proposal, and in addition, Mr. Narayan invited them to attend the silver jubilee celebration of the Bengaluru Tech Summit (BTS-22) scheduled for November. He said, “The National Education Policy (NEP 2020) has helped to open the new door for internationalization of education in Karnataka. Also, Edinburgh University is renowned for its multi-disciplinary education which is also the core of NEP. These factors favour Edinburgh University to set up its campus in Bengaluru.”

The idea of introducing of twinning course and educational collaborations will help students for further research and exploration of new fields of interest.

The minister has visited the Bayes Centre, which is an incubation and a unique model of a multi-disciplinary education centre on the Edinburgh University campus, and also witnessed the robotic lab, data science, and AI centres housed there. These further increases the possibilities of achieving collaboration with VTU Belagavi in the areas of AI, mechatronics, and cyber security, which may be explored.