Colleges, Universities closed till January 16, Exams to be held as scheduled in Uttar Pradesh

Colleges, Universities closed till January 16, Exams to be held as scheduled in Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh has again imposed a fresh set of restrictions. According to that, UP Colleges, Universities have been closed till January 16, 2022 due to rising COVID-19 cases. Even after these restrictions, the rules mention that all these educational institutions can conduct exams as scheduled.  

UP Colleges, Universities closing order would come into effect from tomorrow – January 10, 2022. The orders also apply to other higher education institutions as at this point the government is trying its best to curb COVID infections one way or the other.  

UP government has strictly mentioned that all these higher educational institutions, colleges and universities are to get back to online classes. No offline classes would be conducted till the mentioned date. This decision comes soon after Uttar Pradesh closed its schools as well. 

Referring to the latter, Uttar Pradesh Schools were also closed for most classes due to rising COVID-19 cases and a fear of Omicron. Similar set of restrictions pertaining to online classes were also announced back then. With this, one must note that most of the educational institutions of UP are now closed.  

In recent Uttar Pradesh news, the election dates for the state were also announced. It was also mentioned that the elections would be held in 7 phases, following COVID-19 safety protocols. But before that happens, the government has been imposing restrictions to ensure that everyone is safe.  

UP Colleges, Universities closing was already speculated by many stakeholders as the state has witnessed over 3,000 fresh cases on a daily basis, over the last few days. Reports also suggest that majority of these infections were reported from Lucknow.