CUET 2022: Preparation Strategy, Paper Pattern For Common Universities Entrance Test

CUET 2022: Preparation Strategy, Paper Pattern For Common Universities Entrance Test

The Common Universities Entrance Test (CUET) application process will get over on May 22. Candidates who have not yet registered for the undergraduate entrance test can apply online at More than 9.8 lakh registrations have been made in CUET 2022 till May 11, Mamidala Jagadesh Kumar, Chairman, University Grants Commission (UGC) said. Smart work linked with a focussed study will let a candidate excel in the CUCET 2022 exam. Only those applicants will be able to get admitted to their desired colleges and crack CUET who will score high marks in the test. Aspirants can also follow some simple yet useful CUET 2022 preparation tips mentioned here.

Sharing some CUET 2022 preparation tips, MK Yadav, CMD, AI Testified (Incubated at IIT Kanpur) said: “By providing “significant objectivity” to the admissions process and “equitable opportunity” to applicants to appear in a single national umbrella examination, this reformative procedure will minimise the load on students, colleges and institutions, and the overall education system.”

As per the CUET 2022 entrance exam pattern, the CET question paper will have four sections. The CUET 2022 question paper will include a compulsory language test, two domain-specific tests, and the general test.

Section 1A Languages – There are 13 different languages. Any of these languages may be chosen.

Section 1B – Languages – There are 19 languages. Any other language apart from those offered in Section 1A may be chosen.

Section 2 – Domain – There are 27 domains specific subjects being offered under this section. A candidate may choose a maximum of six (06) domains as desired by the applicable university. Candidates have to attempt 40 questions out of 50 in Section 2 as well.

Section 3 – General Test – For any such undergraduate programme, programmes are being offered by universities where a general test is being used for admission. In this case, aspriants have to attempt 60 questions out of 75.

CUET 2022 Preparation Tips

1. Understanding of the syllabus- Mr Yadav while sharing the CUET preparation tip has advised the students to select language and courses that they studied in Class 12.

2. Focus on developing critical thinking ability- Rote learning, Mr Yadav adds, will not be of great help when a student is aiming to clear the exam. Exam is based on MCQ type of questions and it changes the conventional academic paradigm by focusing more on conceptual understanding, critical thinking, comprehensive skills, and decision-making ability rather than cramming the syllabus.

3. Practicing Test Paper- Exam is in online mode and it requires practice. It is advisable to practice as many test as one can to get acquainted with the paper pattern and mode of examination. One can practice with the help of free sample paper and get an idea of how an online testing platform works and also can identify their weaknesses and work accordingly on them.

4. Sticking to a daily Routine- Make a routine as per convenience and give a maximum of two hours in a day for CUET 2022. “During your boards you may shift your focus to your board exams and whenever you get time in between you can change your strategy and focus more for CUET,” Mr Yadav said.

5. Stay Calm and Composed- CUET is a new exam and its new for everyone. To ace the entrance exam, Mr yadav has asked the students not to take much stress, and focus on the syllabus, and sticking to NCERT books.