The 6th-semester students of B.A. -B.Ed. & B.Sc. B. Ed. of Central University of South Bihar organized a workshop on yoga and its importance for the students of the school at Middle school, kujapi where they make students know about the benefits of yoga, and also make students aware for their health and hygiene.
Ujjawal Kumar, Prabhakar, and Ashutosh organized the yoga workshop for the children under the auspices of Vidyalaya’s Principal Madam, Sumitra Kumari, in which they gave information about various types of asanas and pranayamas and motivating them to do yoga every day.
Also, highlight the importance. High blood pressure is common with yoga, stress is low, obesity and cholesterol are controlled, along with the person’s blood circulation increases faster, which also increases beauty. It does not affect the mind but also on the mind. Yoga keeps the mind calm. Due to the magical benefits of yoga, the whole world is now moving towards yoga.


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