Delhi schools prepare to operate at full capacity from April 1

Delhi schools prepare to operate at full capacity from April 1

From connecting with parents to getting their bus services ready, schools in Delhi are preparing to welcome back all their students and operate at full capacity later this week.

On April 1, city schools will begin the 2022-2023 academic session and move completely offline since the start of the pandemic. This means that students will no longer have the option of attending classes online.

Across government schools, efforts are underway for all School Management Committee (SMC) members and parent volunteers called school mitras — each of whom have been put in charge of staying in touch with parents of 50 students who reside in their locality or a neighbouring locality — to conduct physical meetings with the parents to whom they are linked. Among their tasks is to encourage sustained attendance, including over the summer months of May and June.

“The SMC and members are meeting parents physically and they will play a very important role to get all these children back to school. Once schools open, the focus will be on foundational reading, writing and numeracy through Mission Buniyaad classes and through summer camps till mid-June. These members will be encouraging parents to not go back to their villages during the summer vacation months of May and June so that the children can attend Mission Buniyaad summer camps that will be held in schools. The target is to connect with all parents through physical meetings by April 10,” said Shailesh Srivastava, member of the Delhi government’s core SMC team.

Schools themselves are preparing to run at full capacity for the first time since March 2020 and most are looking to resume all regular school activities, including bus services which had not restarted in most schools so far.

“We will be conducting school normally with all activities, including games, and all students. We will just be guiding them and directing them to sanitise their hands and put on masks. Transport had been an issue so far with just a handful of students opting to use school buses, but now we will be resuming our bus services for all routes,” said Birla Vidya Niketan principal Minakshi Kushwaha.

“There will no longer be restrictions like only one student per bench, our classrooms will be functioning at full capacity. Now that vaccination sites have been removed from our school, we have all our classrooms back as well so we are prepared to accommodate all students. Beyond masks and sanitisation, there is not much more we can do in the way of Covid protocol,” said Sukhbir Singh Yadav, principal, Sarvodaya Vidyalaya, Rohini Sector 21.