On the occasion of ‘World Hindi Day’ the department of higher education at Dhaka in the presence of India’s High Commission to Bangladesh, Riva Ganguly Das has announced to commence the courses in Hindi honours soon. 

Addressing a galaxy of intellectuals, she said, “Hindi is not only the language restricted to India. It has now become a popular dialect even for those who never been there to Indian subcontinent. This language unfolds a rich heritage which has its roots in the glorious past. Even today it is implicit to its diverse culture which is the only reason for its increasing popularity. With the onset of technical aid, we have amplified the ethos of Hindi through various platforms of mass communication. Be it the films, radio, television or internet, Hindi has its presence everywhere. It has become a need of the hour today to have the knowledge of Hindi as it is one of the most spoken dialect across the globe.” 

She congratulated the Dhaka University to induct Hindi as one of the important languages in its revised curriculum for higher studies. She said, “It will empower the standard of education where a student can now pursue his/her honours in one of the most prominent languages of the world.” She further reminded the youth that recently the United Nations (UN) has also started a weekly bulletin in Hindi every Friday. This is because of its simplicity and richness in vocabulary. As the world is getting aware day by day, everyone is adopting Hindi. She assured the department that, the Indian Council of Cultural Relations (ICCR) will soon appoint a number of teachers who can teach Hindi to the aspiring students. Thereafter the course will commence in the country to facilitate the higher education in Hindi in Bangladesh.” The Indira Gandhi Cultural Centre (IGCC), High Commission of India celebrated the World Hindi Day at Dhaka on 10th January. It organised a series of events including recitation of Hindi Poems, Elocution and speech competitions. The High Commissioner Riva Ganguly along with Deputy High Commissioner Biswadeep Dey has presented the awards to the winners of the competition. They have also read the message of Prime Minister, Narendra Modi to the audience.


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