Did you know that IIEST Shibpur (erstwhile Bengal Engineering College, Shibpur) had a major role in the planning and development of IIT System in general and IIT Kharagpur in particular?

Did you know that the Madhusudhan Bhavan dates back to 1820? A 200-year-old marvel still standing strong.

Did you know that the first centenary celebration was Inaugurated by the then Prime Minister of India Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru in the presence of eminent scientist Prof. Satyendra Nath Bose?

Know more about such interesting facts about the history and heritage of our institute from this amazing documentary made by Buddhadeb Dasgupta.

Glorifying the history are the names of great engineers and builders of India and many engineering marvels across the world like the tallest tower of the world (USA) by the greatest structural engineer of the century. IIEST Shibpur also gifted Sir Rajen Mukherjee, Dr. Bimal Bose world’s leader in power electronics (USA) and as many as four leading IIT directors. Currently, three directors out of six leading IITs are Shibpur alumni apart from a galaxy of star performers spread all over the globe.

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Depicting the vast and vibrant heritage, vision and progress of our 164-year old institute, we present you a documentary on our Institute, known by many names, from Civil Engineering College, Howrah to B.E. College to B.E.S.U. to IIEST Shibpur. Directed by Mr. Budhhadeb Dasgupta, 4-time National Award winner, featuring music from Mr. Alokananda Dasgupta, who also composed music for Sacred Games among other thing, this documentary is a must watch for every BEing.

Source: EDC IIEST Shibpur, IIEST Shibpur


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