Corona virus has created a challenge for people to live in a new way. They cannot work as usual. In such a situation, it is very important that people consider the current situation to be the new normal and move forward. These days, children’s education has become a problem for any parent. Digital classes are teaching children, but the family has to struggle a lot for this. Along with this, children are also facing many health problems, such as – irritability, mental problems and eye strain. In view of these health problems, the Ministry of Human Resource Development (HRD) has issued necessary guidelines regarding digital education.

According to the new guidelines of the ministry, the online class time for pre-primary students should not exceed 30 minutes. Apart from this, there will be two online sessions for classes 1 to 8. A session will have a 45-minute class, while for classes 9 to 12, there will be four sessions of 30-45 minutes duration. The HRD Ministry has tried to take care of both physical and mental health of children through the new guidelines.

Digital education has created problems for all children. Because constantly sitting on the screen is not good for children’s health. We have talked to Dr. Mohsin Wali, former President R Venkataraman, Shankar Dayal Sharma and Pranab Mukherjee’s doctor about this and have tried to know how online classes are harmful for children?

Dr. Mohsin said that since the lockdown started, people are locked in their homes, due to which the internet is being used to the extent of madness and children are facing speed problems during their studies. The quality of video and audio is poor, because of this there is a problem of concentration in children. Apart from this, digital classes are very new for a country like India right now. Children, parents and teachers are not ready for this. During online class, it is not easy for teachers to be able to focus on so many children simultaneously. This will also affect the education of children.

In future, what kind of problem can children face due to online classes? In response to this, Dr. Mohsin said, ‘In case of continuous online classes, there can be a change in the posture or size of the children’s posture. In children, there may be problems related to the waist, cervical spine, ie the spinal joints and discs of the neck part and obesity. Continuous use of mouse and keyboard can also cause problems related to fingers.

Dr. Mohsin told that it is not known what kind of facilities are available in the house of all the children. How many heights are he sitting on the chair, how big is the screen size, is the sitting posture correct or not? These are some of the things that directly affect the health of children. It is also important for all reading children to have better internet speed. So that there is no disturbance during the study and children can concentrate on studying properly. He told that the screen size of the children should be as much as the blackboard for studying. But it is difficult for all parents in our country to do this.

In response to how suitable online classes are for the education of children, he said that in our country, it has been a tradition of Guru Shishya since the beginning. When you go to school, you physically talk to teachers, talk to friends and also pay more attention to studies. There is a shortage of this in online classes. Therefore, it is difficult to make sure that the children understand it properly or not, of course the quality of education is also deteriorating.

Dr. Mohsin told that parents have to be more prepared in the coming time. They have to take special care of the children, especially during homework. He has to play the role of teacher in the house.

A family sharing their experience told that they have two children. Both in a second class and in a seventh class are toppers in studies, but these days in the digital class they have to work very hard to understand. However, gradually they are now understanding this medium. There is also a lot of disturbance in online classes. Whether it is a network issue or an issue related to video-audio quality. Due to having two children, many times both children have to study together, so many problems have to be faced.

He told that children are doing digital studies and homework all these days. In such a situation, their distance from books is increasing. Therefore it is important that facilities like library be provided in the house. With this, the habit of reading is also maintained in children, as well as they are able to understand the chapter better.

These days, especially in front of the children of small towns, the challenge is even deeper. Because studying in their home on mobile is not less than any army training. Sadar Hospital Superintendent Dr. Anand Kumar Sharma of Begusarai (Bihar) district said that the parents of small towns do not have good quality mobiles. Its screen has more impact on children’s health. Also, there are a lot of problems with audio as well. The audio quality of most phones is not good. Also, if you keep it on your ear for too long, it gets hot. The heating of the mobile also has adverse health effects.

Dr. Anand told that it would have been better if the government had done such classes on TV. Because TV quality is better. Its screen emits less harmful rays than cheap mobiles. Also, its audio is also sufficient to listen. In such a situation, children can be saved from hearing related problems later. Classes on TV also have another benefit. Most people keep the TV adjacent to the wall or hang it in the wall. In such a situation, the normal distance to watch TV is also comparatively better. Not all families in small towns have laptops or desktops. The second thing is usually less than a meter away from the screen, working on laptops and desktops. Which is dangerous for children.

The question arises that in the current situation, what is the path in front of parents? In response to this question, Dr. Anand Sharma said that children should use anti glare glass during online classes. Due to this, harmful rays emanating from mobile or laptop have less effect on the eyes of children. Also, use better quality headphones for audio.

Online class is the demand of the present time. In such a situation, it is important for the parents that they should not only take care of children’s education, but also take care of their health. Do not sit on the computer screen continuously for a long time, keep taking breaks. Also do yoga or pranayama while at home, so that they can avoid mental depression, irritability or eye problems.


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