Diploma and certificate courses have been started in Maha Bodhi International Institute of Pali and Buddhist Studies. First batch class will start from 21 January 2020. However it was inaugurated earlier on 17 September 2019, in which 30 foreign students took admission. It has students from other countries including Vietnam, Thailand, Laos. With the start of this institute, the trend of foreign students will increase.

The purpose of this institute, started by Mahabodhi Society of India, is to give information about Pali and Buddhist studies to foreign students. Society’s General Secretary P Sewali Ther informed that educational activity will start in Bodh Gaya from this institute. In this case, Dr. Kailash Prasad, besides Kiran Lama, other local Buddhist scholars will cooperate.

From time to time, Buddhist scholars will also come from outside. Validity will be given to the degree and certificate by getting this institution recognized by another institution or university. The society was founded by Anagarik Dharmapala in 1891 and is considered to be a revival of modern Buddhism. He was the father of the Mahabodhi temple liberation movement and also renovated and beautified other Buddhist monuments in India.

There will be dual benefits through the Institute of Pali Buddhist Studies. Along with worship, dedication, devotion, you will be able to earn knowledge and degree related to Buddhist literature. Surely in future, this study center of Mahabodhi Society can become the main center of Buddhist education world.

Anagarik Dharmapalji was sensitive to Buddhist education. He believed that Buddhists, especially Buddhist monks, should be educated and knowledgeable. They should be full of pure conduct and reasoning full of religious knowledge. This institute will increase the understanding of Pali and Buddhist studies to the global Buddhist world. This institution is in accordance with the wishes of the non-religious Dharampal and is also in the objects of the Mahabodhi Society.

Buddhist literature is in the Tripitaka Pali language and is the original source of Buddhist studies. Knowledge of Pali will be helpful and capable of acquiring basic literature knowledge. Sri Lanka Pali Tripitak is striving for entry in the list of World Heritage. It is also a strong aspect of Indian culture, which will be a sacred task to cherish.


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