The eighth edition of TEDxIIMRanchi was hosted on March 10, 2019, at CMPDI.  TEDxIIMRanchi 2019 was a platform to inspire people to look into the “Kaleidoscope of possibilities”.

The first Speaker was Supriyo Sinha, CEO-Education, Pratibha in the ABP Group. Invoking the audience to draw inspiration from a woodpecker, he played the sound of a woodpecker to explain that the specialty of the bird is that he picks one spot, of a few millimeters diameter and keeps pecking exactly at that spot with tremendous force and intensity. He asked the audience to imagine a little bird hitting 20 times/sec with 1000 times force thereby describing the power of focus and intensity.

He also stated that having spent a lot of time with the wildlife in the jungles of Africa, he has learnt that some of the finest lessons can be learnt from the natures which even the management lectures of B-schools cannot teach. We can learn to be fearless from the buffalos and honey badgers, the woodpecker teaches us the importance of intensity while the trout and salmon demonstrate the importance of being unique. He drove home the point that conditions and tasks make us feel afraid but if you think you can, you can, if you think you can’t, you are right.

An avid wildlife fan, Supriyo Sinha amazed the attendees by Finest lessons of management from nature and wildlife, inspired by buffalo, woodpecker. He stressed the importance of how it doesn’t matter how hard you run if you are running in the wrong direction. He also gave our attendees a brilliant trick of Imaginary CV and how it will help them in gaining focus and clarity towards their goals.

“Kaleidoscope of possibilities” is a phrase drawing analogy from various patterns and designs one can see in a Kaleidoscope with a contextual meaning of discovering a myriad of options and opportunities which are unfathomable to the masses.  Most of us at some point in time run out of options, give up our ambitions and give-in to the seemingly unmanageable circumstances. However, it is the creative and persistent ones who change their prism of vision and pave a new way to make it big in life. The event hosted a number of national and international speakers who have realized their vision in a variety of fields including technology, entrepreneurship and public administration to name a few.


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