All India Technical Education Council (AICTE) has approved the Advanced National Program on Technology Enhanced Learning Online Certification Course (NPTEL) under the Faculty Development Program. Career Advancement Scheme for Faculty of Engineering Colleges has been started, under which online certification is being made available to NPTEL for developing faculty. Under this, an agreement has been signed between NPTEEL and AICTE. 141 online courses are available for teachers in the July to December 2018 session.

Necessary for career development

According to Professor Dilip Malkhede, advisor to research, institute and faculty development, due to the shortage of full-time training program for teachers, problems were getting in their promotions. To solve this problem, NPTEEL has been developed where the faculty of engineering colleges will be able to make advance certification by registering in the online course and it will be easier for the promotion route. During this online certification, the teachers will be given assignments every week to review the training of teachers. Apart from this, the faculty examination will be done at the end of the semester, depending on which certification will be given. Malkheedh said that all these courses are latest and they can be done by sitting anywhere. There is no fixed time limit for this training so teachers can do it at any time of their time. The joint certification of AICTE and NPTEL will facilitate the promotion of faculty. In this way, faculty members should take advantage of this program.

What is the rule?

The four-week NPTEL course will be recognized as a half-year Faculty Development Program (FPD). At the same time, an eight-week NPTEEL course will be recognized as a 1.5-week FDP for a week and 12 week course. Since the start of this program, the faculty of Engineering College will not have to move around to take the training. It will also save time and money. Since all courses are online so they can be done from anywhere in the country. Between January-April 2018, around 16 thousand Faculty from all over the country have given certification examinations.

Which courses will be able to do.

NPTEL offers a variety of courses. Here faculty members will be able to do courses in subjects other than their subjects. Courses offered on cutting edge technology like Block Chain Management, Deep Learning, IOT and Smart City will be offered. NPTL coordinator Andrew Thangraj said that this initiative will facilitate faculty acquiring new information. He expressed hope that University Grants Commission will also give it recognition. The list of FDP courses recognized by AICTE will be uploaded on the NPTEL website every semester. Also, the colleges will also be issued notification in this regard. Significantly, NPTEL was started by seven IITs in 2003. NPTEL is the largest agency in the engineering stream to offer a muscov open online course.


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