Health clinics to start in 20 Delhi govt schools soon

Health clinics to start in 20 Delhi govt schools soon

The pilot project of opening 20 health clinics in Delhi government schools, where students will be provided physical and mental health services, is finally going to start. While 10 School Health Clinics will open on January 12, the other 10 will open on January 17

An order issued by Directorate of Education (DoE) director Himanshu Gupta mentioned, “The health and education departments are coming together to provide physical and mental health services to children through clinics in government schools. This becomes more important especially during the pandemic when students are not able to intermingle much.”

Due to the pandemic, students would be called to school for screening only after taking consent from parents. At the clinics, students would be provided masks and sanitisers and it would be the responsibility of the school head to ensure social distancing.

“Thirty students from classes IX to XII may be called for screening daily. Group discussions with psychologists will be conducted online. The Aam Aadmi Mohalla Clinic cell will manage the pilot project in collaboration with DoE. In every hourly session, six students will come to the clinic. The school head will prepare a schedule accordingly. The nodal teacher in-charge of the clinic will supervise the screening daily,” said Gupta.

Each clinic would have an assistant, a psychologist and a multi-task worker. There would be one doctor available for every five school health clinics once a week. The health assistant would refer students who come for screening to the doctor.

“Psychologists will take four group sessions, each of half an hour a day, two before the break and two after the break in online
mode regularly. The nodal teacher will provide the link to the psychologist,” Gupta said.