A report related to the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAC) of all the Degree Colleges of the state has been sought on the directive of the governor along with the directorship of Satyapal Malik. The Governor’s Principal Secretary Vivek Kumar Singh has written to the universities that submit report of subordinate colleges within a week. .

Universities have been asked to report three types of colleges. There are colleges in one that got ‘A’ or ‘B’ grade from NAC. Secondly, there are colleges that have got ‘C’ grade. In the third, there are colleges that have not received any recognition from NAAC and have been given applications by them. In a letter to the universities, it has also been said that the UGC has made provision for NAC’s recognition for the development of colleges. In view of this, universities and colleges are awarded ‘A’, ‘B’ or ‘C’ grades, in view of their position. Not being recognized by NAAC, the educational institutions are deprived of taking funds for the development of infrastructure. .

20 million is the amount of money.

NAAC recognized educational institutions are given the amount under the National Higher Education Mission for the development of infrastructure. Up to four crore rupees for one colleges, then up to 200 million rupees are given to the universities. .

117 colleges are recognized by NAAC.

In Bihar, 117 non-degree colleges have been recognized by NAC while the number of degree colleges in the state is 260. Of these, 11 colleges have ‘A’, 85 ‘B’ and 21 ‘C’ grades. Similarly, in 15 out of seven universities got recognition from NAAC. No university has got ‘A’ grade. .

Therefore, the colleges are backward.

According to Kameshwar Jha, Vice President of State Higher Education Council, three main reasons for not getting ‘A’ grades from NAC to universities and colleges of Bihar are three. The first is the lack of research work. Second, the number of teachers is low. Third, Old Boys Aso registered in institutions absence of. However, he also said that these three things have the emphasis of the State Government and the Raj Bhawan. These problems will soon be removed soon. In 2014 only 22 colleges got recognition from NAAC. This number has reached 117 in four years. .

Universities have been asked to report three types of colleges.

NAC is not recognized by the college, but due to lack of funds, the deprived

117 colleges have got recognition in four years from NAAC.


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