The world system has collapsed with Corona, which has had the most impact on the education system. Schools were closed to protect children from the spread of the disease. Online classes were introduced for alternative arrangements. India too did not survive the epidemic and schools are also closed here.

Surveys of all the channels are showing that people are not willing to send their children to school yet. People have their own problems. The government also has its own problem, but above all, the problem that lies ahead is education of children! After all, children are the future of the country.

In such a situation, many private schools are offering online classes. While the government schools are completely closed. The situation in Bihar is even more frightening. Here, except for the big private schools in the big cities, everyone is only doing the filling, so that money can be collected from the parents.

Well, it is not our objective to criticize private schools or institutions here. We have to talk about the condition of government schools. While the government is claiming that it is providing online classes, the majority of Bihar’s population is dependent on government schools.

Thirty-two million children are enrolled in elementary schools. While the nomination fortnight was still going on. This number will increase with the return of migrant workers. In this case, all children are away from education.

What is the truth of Bihar government claims?

To understand the truth of online classes or the success of online classes in Bihar, one must first understand the background and social structure here.

It is well known that only children of poor sections study in government schools in Bihar. The number of children from backward and Dalit schools has increased. It is well known how the situation of these families has happened in this lockdown.

Three things are important for online class

  1. A screen (smartphone laptop etc.)
  2. Uninterrupted power supply
  3. High Speed Affordable Internet Service

Analyzes Bihar on these three aspects, looking at the background.

Even today, not everyone has a smartphone in the rural environment and the poor. Even if it is, then its quality is not of that level, which can run at high speed online for 2 to 3 hours daily. In such a situation, there is a possibility of these mobiles hanging immediately.

Bihar government choose Doordarshan as an alternative. Started broadcasting on Doordarshan but the problem with Doordarshan is that it maintains one-sided dialogue. It is difficult to calm the curiosity of children.

Now let’s talk about the other points. That is, uninterrupted electricity, according to the report published in The Wire (2019), 52.41% households still have no electricity. Regardless of the level of good governance claims, the reality is that even today 52.41% households do not have electricity. Who are these 52.41% houses?

Everyone knows and children from these houses study in government schools. So the problem is also associated with Doordarshan that there may not be a class at the time when there is electricity and there is no electricity at the time when there is a class.

Now we talk about high speed internet. At present, Jio and Airtel are present in most of the areas of 4G. Yet their speed depends on the region. Somewhere there is good speed and nowhere is it equal. If we look at the recharge plans of these two companies, then accounts for about 250 rupees per month.

In this phase of lockdown, is the situation of families such that they can spend Rs 250 per month? Whether it is speed or not, even at this expense, there remains doubt. If you go to optical or WiFi accounts for about 1500 rupees per month, which is not possible for these families.

So the summary is that there is a lack of infrastructure as well as human resources in Bihar. Which may not be ready in a day. Right now the schools are closed for the children but the teachers are going to work. However, the society feels that sitting and sitting are raising money without hard work.

Their thinking is also correct to some extent. As long as the schools are closed for children, the government should make a complete preparation while simultaneously training the teachers. That is, teachers should be trained by following social distancing and in the end Bihar will study, only then will Bihar grow.


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