Indian Institute of Management Ranchi celebrated Birth Anniversary of two great sons of the  Nation namely Mahatma Gandhi and the second Prime Minister of the Country Shri Lal  Bahadur Shastri. 

The event started with the welcome speech by Mr. Ajay Kumar, Administrative Officer, IIM  Ranchi. 

Prof. Shailendra Singh, The Director of IIM Ranchi, delivered an inspiring speech  remembering and citing various memories and incidences pertaining to the life of these two  great sons of the Nation. He further advised everybody attending the event to practice Staya,  Ahinsa, Honesty and sense of duty as these two personalities have practiced in their life as we  learn from the history of the Country. Prof. Singh shared the incident on how Mahatma Gandhi  got the title of “Father of the Nation”. Prof. Singh also said that Mahatma Gandhi is an example  of how a leader should be because a true leader encourages, motivates and empowers the person  to be the best he/she can be. He also said that the name “Mahatma Gandhi” gave India an  international identity. 

Prof. Rekha Singhal delivered a motivating speech and shared her learning and experiences  about the life style of the Great Gandhi Ji and Shri Shastri Ji. Prof. Singhal shared a brief on  the life style of “Baapu”. She said that “he was a person who used to practice what he said and  he followed five principles in his life, i.e., Truth, Non-Violence, Cooperation, Peace and Love.” 

Mr. Satish Dwivedi, Sr. Administrative Officer also delivered a speech highlighting the great  culture of this country and mentioned that from time immemorial this soil has been blessed  with this kind of personalities, which are rare in any part of the world. He also read a poem  about Mahatama Gandhi, ‘Chal pade jidhar do dagmag me……’. 

The event got concluded by the vote of thanks by Dr. Jayanta Kr. Tripahty, Librarian, IIM  Ranchi and the National Anthem. It was attended by large number of faculty and staff members  physically and also through virtual mode. Due to Covid situation students of IIM Ranchi were  not available physically but they also joined on Virtual Platform and became the part of this  event availing an opportunity to learn the life style of these two inspiring personalities.


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