IIT Gandhinagar celebrated the 8th International Day of Yoga with a range of activities

IIT Gandhinagar celebrated the 8th International Day of Yoga with a range of activities

The Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar (IITGN), which has always encouraged its community to adopt an active and healthy lifestyle by providing world-class facilities for various indoor and outdoor sports/activities at its state-of-the-art Sports Complex, celebrated the eighth International Yoga Day today with a variety of activities to emphasise the importance of yoga for the complete well-being of the mind and body. The celebrations began with the demonstration and practice of yoga asanas by Mr Hemant Shah and IITGN participants. Prof Amit Prashant, Officiating Director, IITGN, was also present during the session and encouraged the community members to adopt yoga in everyday life. The demonstration session also informed the participants about the specific benefits of each asana and how to perform them.

The Physical Education Section of the Institute also organised two interactive sessions on ‘Relevance of Yoga in Everyday Life’ by Prof Nitin Padhiyar, Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering, IITGN, and Mr Hemant Shah, independent Yoga instructor. Prof Nitin Padhiyar introduced the participants to Ashtanga Yoga from the Yoga Sutra of Rishi Patanjali. He also gave a brief idea of Shad Darshan. Mr Hemant Shah explained how one could do holistic yoga asana in ten minutes in the current fast-paced life through Surya Namaskara, followed by some pranayama and meditation. Both the speakers exhorted IITGN community members to start doing yoga to make it a natural part of one’s routine in the long-term.

The Institute then facilitated the PAN IIT Yoga Competition qualifier students and their instructor from IITGN. This was followed by a presentation of an informative video from the Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India, on standard yoga protocol and techniques.

An enthusiastic quiz on yoga added a touch of fun to the event and helped the participants to brush up their knowledge about yoga. Those who answered correctly were also given prizes. The event ended with a healthy Yogic Lunch for the participants. The IITGN community, including students, faculty, staff and their family members enthusiastically participated in all the activities.

IITGN has been organising Yoga Day celebrations as an annual event ever since its announcement in the year 2015 with an aim to create greater awareness about the benefits of this ancient Indian science in day-to-day life. The newly built Sports Complex by the Institute is equipped with several world-class facilities for various indoor and outdoor sports/activities, including Badminton Courts, Squash Courts, Table Tennis, Olympic Size Swimming Pool, Volleyball Court, Basketball Court, Yoga Hall, Gym, Climbing Wall, Football Ground, Cricket Ground, Athletic Track, and so on. These facilities would help students practise and attain professionalism in their respective games while ensuring their fitness and wellness.