Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad will be jointly hosting a nine days International Workshop ‘Advanced Functional Analysis and its Applications 2020’ from 16th – 24th December, 2020 along with NISER Bhubaneswar. 

People from various parts of the world are invited to deliver talks in this event. A special attention is paid to the area ‘Analysis on Banach spaces’. This is an online event and the organizers are keen to reach out to the participants along with their requirements and interests virtually. Its prime objective is to cover some advanced topics in Functional Analysis at its introductory level. Apart from the application viewpoints the subject Functional Analysis can be studied in its own interests. From the time of Fourier to the present day the subject evolved and expanded in many directions. J. Dieudonne’s book ‘History of Functional Analysis’ encounters the developments of this subject. 

Interested participants can register for this conference at Apply Here

The last date for the registration is 30th of November 2020. 

Highlighting the importance of this workshop, Dr. Tanmoy Paul, Conference Coordinator and Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, IIT Hyderabad, said, “The central theme of this event is to offer some advanced topics in Functional Analysis with special emphasis on Analysis on Banach spaces. From the time of Stephan Banach to till date the theory has long heritage and culture. The richness of this theory attracted many people to work in it. The Handbook of Geometry of Banach Spaces (I & II) encounter the developments of the literature in last few decades. We aim to offer a few topics which are relevant to the current research in this domain.” 

Research scholars persuing research in various fields of Functional Analysis are encouraged to register for this workshop.

IIT Hyderabad has invited experts from all over the world, including Richard Aron (Kent State University, Kent OHIO, USA), Fernanda Botelho (University of Memphis, USA), Gilles Godefroy (University of Paris 6, France), Miguel Martin (University of Granada, Spain), TSSRK Rao (Ashoka University, India), Tomasz Kania (Institute of Mathematics, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague), Vladimir G. Troitsky (University of Alberta, Canada) and P. Veeramani (Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India); to attend and deliver lectures for this workshop.  


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