Indian Institute of Technology, IIT Madras has filed as many as 184 patents in the year 2020. Though it is slightly less than 190 patent applications filed in the previous year, he number is still appreciable given the various restrictions due to the pandemic. Of the patents filed, 9 are related to COVID19 inventions including ventilators and methods to dispose PPE and other waste.

The 184 patents were filed by faculty, researchers and students.  These include 119 Indian and 65 international patents. Among the 9 inventions for COVID19 management are ‘Systems and methods for detection of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2’ and ‘A standalone, portable single-use and wireless ventilator system’ besides ‘A system for non-invasive calibration-free blood pressure measurement’ and ‘Smart and Sustainable devices for infectious Mask and PPE waste treatment’.

“Besides medical and healthcare, several patents were also filed in other cutting-edge areas such as 5G, telecommunications, sensors and instrumentation, among others,” the IIT Madras official release.

The institute has reported a steady increase in the number of international patents filed over the past few years. “From 22 in the calendar year 2017, the total number of international patents has almost tripled in just four years, reaching 65 during 2020,” the IITM said.

Understanding the concerns regarding filing patents, the institute has facilitates online filing (e-filing) of Provisional application at Indian patent office. The institute is also equipped to perform in-house management of patent maintenance and filing of working statements of patents.

To furher assist the students and faculty in the process of patent filing, IIT Madras has also empanelled reputed intellectual property (IP) firms for patent application filings, prosecutions of patent application, maintenance (Foreign) and providing IP activities-related support.


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