Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology Shibpur (IIEST) successfully conducted the 11th Edition of INSTRUO, the technical fest of the institute on a high note.As like past years, year 2019 also witnessed an almost endless list of events to encourage the budding and growing talents.  Even the extreme weather condition due to BULBUL cyclonic storm could not suppress the enthusiasm of the students. On 8th November, inauguration programme took place in the presence of the  director prof. Parthasarathi Chakraborty, prof. Shyamalendu Kandar, joint convener of Instruo  and some more important personalities at around 12 pm in the institute hall of the institute. Prof. Jishnu Basu from Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics was the special guest in the inauguration programme. After that the events started at 2 pm sharp. 

On 9th November, it took time to start the events due to heavy rain fall but in the words of Prof. Shyamalendu Kandar, joint convener and prof. Head of INSTRUO “Bulbul may show her power. But the enthusiasm of our participants of INSTRUO is not ready to surrender before her.”

He also stated “I believe that the students are my inspiration. I am able to learn a lot from them. Lets take the 2nd day’s example, from the morning it as raining with mad wind. Our registration desk in the ground was water logged. I gave up my hope to successfully organize the events of INSTRUO. But my students assured me that they will certainly do their best to complete all the events. At the end of the day I found all the events are successfully completed. Thank you my team!”

It started late but started with more power. Students of IIEST and many students from the outside colleges around kolkata participated in a great number and made the events successful.

“Inspite of great difficulties, Instruo XI, still witnessed a grand success and overwhelming participation. We did our best as event coordinators and managers and many problems from last edition was conquered.”Sumana Mahato, one of the coordinators of Instruo shared her words.

“If you work with dedication and coordination with your teammates, you will never face any type of difficulty ever. Team Instruo is one of the best example where all responsible members worked together and made Instruo 2019 a huge success. There were some big constraints too like weather conditions and transport blockage on those particular days but still we worked together and make it possible.” said Yog Prashant, coordinator from 3rd year.

10th November the final day, weather was better and students were hopeful to give the final stroke in the respective events. All the final rounds of the big events held along with a power pack Flashmob performed by ReflexoBeta, the Dance Club of IIEST Shibpur and ”Mayday Mystery”,  mystery solving around the whole campus! Last day was full of fun for everyone.

 “As it was a first time for me, I dont know how was it previous year and cannot compare, But I think the whole team worked really hard to make it work. And pulling out the mayday mystery event in this weather and making it completely indoors was also a great Idea, climbing up and down the SNT building and completing tasks felt great. Though being not selected for the next round, only round 1 was enough for me to say It was the best event in Instruo, in my eyes.” said Ayan Chatterjee, a first year fresher shared his experience.

The three day technical fest of IIEST Shibpur “INSTRUO XI” served as a well deserved break that, though it drains the students out of the physical energy, mentally gives them an energy boost that refilled their minds with unforgettable memories.It gave the organisers as well as participants an opportunity to learn the lesson of leadership, team work, team building, working in challenging and stressful circumstances, hospitality and endless is the list of learning.

“We never felt that work-pressure, because of the coordination among team members. But at a point we were held by various constraints. This however was overcomed by the zeal of other colleges. And in spite of bad weather, a great dedication on the part of event coordinators and heads, for whom we didn’t cancel any event. So, we are very satisfied how we worked together and been each other’s support.All set for Instruo XII.” Said Aman Kumar Singh, publicity head 3rd year, team INSTRUO.


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