Professor Jag Mohan Singh Rajput, the former founder president of the NCTE and Padmashree, chief speaker of the J.P University convocation, gave a special lecture on problems and challenges in higher education. He said that universities need to create even more autonomous. He advocated opening of Resource Center in all the Universities. In addition, he also spoke of creating an innovative India.

He said that Open Learning System is a powerful medium of education. Anyone wishing to upgrade skills can take advantage of open learning. The All-India portal ‘Self’ for Free Education from MHRD also discussed. The function was organized by the registrar group Capt. Mr. Krishna while the memorandum was released by Prof. AK Jha.

The function was attended by Health Minister Mangal Pandey, Vice Chancellor of ARA University, MP Janardan Singh Segiwal, MLA Shatrughna Tiwari alias Chokar Baba, DIG Vijay Kumar Verma, DM Subrata Kumar Sen, SP Harakishor Rai, Controller of Examinations Dr. Anil Kumar Singh, DSW Dr. Lakshman Singh are. Principal Secretary of the Special Guest Governor Secretariat Vivek Kumar Singh and Director of Higher Education Prof. Linea Kumari said that education is not limited to letter-knowledge only, but it contains our overall life. He said that through education only the all-round development of the person happens. True education does not only enable us to be intellectually or mentally, but also provides physical skills and spiritual or spiritual affinity to us. In this way, proper development of education system is essential for the all-round development of any individual and society.

“There have been four convocations in JP University so far. In the first convocation function 2011, Vice Chancellor Prof. During the tenure of Ram Vinod Sinha, the then Mahamahim Devanand Kunwar had come. The second convocation ceremony was held during the tenure of Professor Dwijendra Gupta in 2013, when the then HE DY Patil had come. In the third convocation of 2016, during the tenure of Professor Lokesh Chandra Prasad Shrivastav, Governor Ram Nath Kovind, who is now the President of India, came to fourth in 2019.” Said Lalji Tandon, Chancellor of J.P. University cum Governor.


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