The Jay Prakash University, Chapra has issued the schedule of 2019 to the student union elections. Under this, student union elections will be held in 6 colleges of the district. The elections will be held on March 1. As the election is announced, the movement of student leaders has increased. On the demand of the student organization elections being held continuously by various student organizations, J.P. University Vice-Chancellor Prof. Harikesh Singh has given his approval.

In the meeting with the principals of J.P. University affiliated colleges and PG Head and Dean,  announced the list of the schedule and code of conduct associated with the election process.

The student union election will be in two phases. In the first phase, elections will be held at the college and faculty level. There will be elections at the university level in the second phase. The process of selection of the first phase will start from 9th February. The voter list will be published on 9th February. On February 12, the voter list will be finalized on February 12 after the claim of objection. Candidates will make their nomination on February 17. 20 will be announced after the withdrawal of the names of the valid candidates. The University administration will announce the results after counting on March 2 after the election by March 1 in the private colleges and PG faculty.

After the announcement of elections and results at the college level, the university administration will conduct elections in the second phase at the university level. For this, the schedule has been issued by the university. Candidates will have nomination papers on March 4 at the university level. The publication of the voter list and the date of withdrawal has been fixed on 5th March.

The second time will be the student union election: Under the pressure of the government and the Raj Bhavan, for the first time on February 18, the student union was elected in JP University. Students of All India Vidyarthi Parishad (NCP) have won the most seats for the first time in the elections for the first time. Under the rule, the term of the office-bearers of the selected student union has already been terminated. With the announcement of the date of election, once again, the stirring enthusiasm has increased for participating in the student organizations.


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