Jadavpur University UAV Innovators’ Team Files Patent for COVID-19 Cough Monitoring Device

Jadavpur University UAV Innovators’ Team Files Patent for COVID-19 Cough Monitoring Device

Jadavpur University has filed an Indian Patent for “An intelligent cough and speech sensing device for COVID-19”. The team from the Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering (ETCE) of the University has filed the patent for a low-cost, intelligent monitoring device to quickly identify and isolate COVID-19 suspects.

The WHO officials have already said, “The majority of transmission that we know about is that people who have symptoms transmit the virus to other people through infectious droplets.” Continuing with it, this device is capable for quick detection and monitoring of COVID-19 suspects so that they can be isolated from others in gatherings, crowd very easily. The surveillance device can work 24*7 in quarantine centers ,Government/private offices, Educational institutions.

 “This device can be used in several places including classrooms, office-spaces, quarantine centers to identify  and track any COVID-19 suspect present there” Said Achal Nilhani.

The Viral-Cough-Cop device or shortly VCC, as the team calls it, is an intelligent, portable, low-power consuming and fully automatic system. The user needs to place the system at a desired monitoring area and power it on. VCC is capable of 24-h monitoring to detect COVID-19 suspects arriving at that place by analyzing their cough. It does not only identify COVID-19 coughs, also detects the corresponding persons from audio-visual feedback and alerts the other people to maintain safe distance from the suspects.

” Amidst this pandemic,  our devices can be uses as a First level screening method so that any potential suspect can be isolated from others immediately.  We are working hard to take this device to global level and help the society ” Said Annesya Banerjee.

The team would like to thank ICMR for their valuable time to evaluate this proposition of the system and add valuable suggestion and guidance. Moreover, this would not have been possible without the help of doctors and pulmonologists. The developers of the team heartily thank the doctors in their expert team for helping with their expertise throughout the R&D process.