On January 25th January, the college celebrated its Annual Day in Magadh Mahila College and Bihar CM Nitish Kumar was the chief guest.

This program was started by Nitish Kumar by lighting the lamp. Education Minister Krishna Nandan Verma, Chancellor Ras Bihari Singh, Principal Secretary of the Department of Education RK Mahajan and Shashi Sharma, the Principal of the college were also present along with the CM who reached the Magadha Women’s College 26 years later. During the annual festival, CM honored the girl students with medals and checks, as well as many announcements for the betterment of the college.

On the occasion of Annual Day, the college’s Principal Dr. Shashi Sarma read the Annual Report. All College toppers honored by CM. On the behalf of the college, these girl students will be given a sum of Rs. 5100. Their number is close to 50 to 60.

The Chief Minister of Bihar, Mr. Nitish Kumar in his address said  that my family has been associated with this college. My sister and wife themselves were students of Magadh Mahila College. It is difficult to forget the contribution of this college to me. While filling the demand of Principal Shashi Sharma, the CM said that an 800-bed hostel will be made in the college. Whatever I will do for Magadha woman, I will do.

In the function, CM Nitish said that the look of Ashok Convention Hall and Gandhi Museum will be made attractive. Responding to the girl students, the Chief Minister said that the internet is around. Keep this in mind, but do better to use social media.

At the same time, the rank holders of all the faculties will be given medals and certificates. Their number is 100 to 150. Also, the winners of all the events in the whole year will also be honored. Their number is 100 to 150. This initiative has been made for the first time in Magadha Mahila College. Jute, art and craft exhibition will be organized in the college along with cultural programs.

The Principal Dr. Shashi Sharma said that Magadh Mahila College has played a significant role in shaping the future of Bihar’s women. “Our students have put our college on the map of India. The world today needs a revolution by women. We impart to our students not just thirst for knowledge but also wisdom to use that knowledge,” she said.




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