On January 25th January, the college will celebrate its Annual Day in Magadh Mahila College and Bihar CM Nitish Kumar will be the chief guest. College teachers, staff and students have been preparing for the preparation.

On the occasion of Annual Day, the college’s Principal Dr. Shashi Sharma will read the Annual Report. All will be honored by CM to university toppers. On the behalf of the college, these girl students will be given a sum of Rs. 5100. Their number is close to 50 to 60.

At the same time, the rank holders of all the faculties will be given medals and certificates. Their number is 100 to 150. Also, the winners of all the events in the whole year will also be honored. Their number is 100 to 150. This initiative has been made for the first time in Magadha Mahila College. Jute, art and craft exhibition will be organized in the college along with cultural programs.

It will be an exhibition of handmade art made by the students. Let me tell that CM Magadha will come to the college after 11 years. CM was involved in a program in Spike McKay. The college’s Principal Dr. Shashi Sharma told that CM has given approval to come in Annual Day.

On Tuesday, a parent-teacher meet was organized by the BA, BSc and BCom departments at Magadha Mahila College. The teachers in the meeting talked to the parents and gave them information about their school. On the spot, the result of the cent up examination was shown to the parents. Seeing the results, some parents looked satisfied and some disappointed. Parents reported that the parent-teacher meet is a good initiative. This gives us the correct information about the development of our children. Teachers are getting new in college with parents


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