Meet Balraj Singh, a Physical Education teacher in Chandigarh, who comes from School of thought! He uses chalk not to write on a blackboard but to make interesting caricatures.

Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others. It is rightly said for the 30-year-old Dev Samaj School lecturer, Balraj Singh, who holds his Master Degree in Physical Education. He unpredictably cut, measures only 1 mm by 1.5 mm for chalk sculpture.

For Balraj it takes near about three-four hours of extreme focus, over numerous sittings, to finish this little chalk mold. Strikingly, what he has finished with his naked eye is so modest we require an amplifying glass to completely value its finer points of interest.

The 30-year-old lecturer has been carving for more than 5 years, even after his teaching session he takes out time for his passion.

Despite of having very little exposure to the art world this best pieces so far has been- Guru Nanak Dev, Radha Krishan, Reporter and Pandit. Till date he has carved more than 400 chalk sculptures,all in one sitting.

While talking to Balraj Singh he said that, “Being a teacher, love for chalk has to be there, but never thought a piece of chalk will turn something so incredible. This all started unexpectedly and now it has become my routine.” He has additionally made his own arrangement of weapons for sculpture, for example, pen, needle or safety pin. Singh does not hold any sort of art background.

At first Singh began sculpting faces of his friends, since then they pumped him to make one. Later, in the wake of making great measure of confronts, he started to make the body also. He has no particular sculpt idols in his mind, he simply accept circumstances for what they are.

He has made around 400 chalk sculptures out of which he holds the collection of 50 pieces till date because the rest has been taken by the people after their first glance. He hopes that one day he could exhibit his passion on a larger scale.


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